Nick Holtzman





Nick has been the owner of Fitness Professionals, Milwaukee’s top Personal Training company, since 2007 and is the new owner of the Fit Pro MKE gym which has been open since August of 2018. He has helped and is responsible for transforming the lives of hundreds of individuals of all ages and background through exercise and fitness.

For Nick the philosophy is simple: EVERYTHING in your life can be improved and enhanced through an effective and consistent workout routine. He has seen it time and time again with his clients, many of which he has been training for 10+ years. Nick’s clients have enjoyed success as wide-ranging as losing over 60 pounds to dominating and being the best in their chosen professional field largely because of their commitment to their fitness. With his special ability to motivate and inspire, Nick has found that all people are capable of amazing things through dedication and hard work (and the right program).

The level of effort and dedication that his clients have shown him have proven to be just as inspirational to him as he has been to these clients; it truly is a give and take relationship. Nick attributes much of his success in his career and his life to the inspiration he has received from his clients. He is a dedicated husband and father of three beautiful children; his family is what drives him to do his very best in the gym every day.

Working out gave Nick newfound confidence and power as a youth, at a time when he needed it most. He feels truly blessed that he can inspire and empower hundreds, even thousands of people the same way. He has been mentored by the very best in the industry and is far beyond driven to grow Fit Pro to even higher levels. Nick would be very honored to have you join the hundreds who have achieved success through effective health and fitness!