We would not even exist without the Fit Pro Team. I am very humble, but I will say that I truly believe we have the GREATEST fitness team in Milwaukee!

“Working in the NBA and with the US Olympic Team, I have come into contact with some of the world’s best trainers. What’s amazing to me is the quality of trainers at FIT PRO MKE. As a client, I have been really impressed with the variety of exercises and how well they use exercise progressions to get fitness gains. I would not hesitate to recommend FIT PRO MKE to anyone that wants to see great results!” -Dr. Troy Flanagan, Performance Directory, Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)


Nick Holtzman

Nick has been the owner of Fitness Professionals, Milwaukee’s top Personal Training company, since 2007 and is the new owner of the Fit Pro MKE gym which has been open since August of 2018. He has helped and is responsible for transforming the lives of hundreds of individuals of all ages and background through exercise and fitness. Learn More About Nick

Myra De La Paz

Myra has been an original member of Fit Pro since 2007, and the list of individuals lives she has transformed is too great to mention in a one-page bio.

Myra’s importance as a Fitness Professional goes way past rep count and exercise selection. Simply put, she is in the business of changing lives. Learn More About Myra

Laura Gelis-Diaz “Frenchy”

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses-only results.”

Education: Nanterre Paris X University (France) and Oakland City University (USA). Master in Business Management and Sport Sciences. Learn More About Frenchy

Andru Krol

Andru is one of the most driven and results-oriented Pro Trainers in the business. His primary job is to get you to achieve results you never thought possible. He is also the owner and founder of FUEL Fitness. During his 10+ years as a personal trainer & coach, Andru has worked with a massive number of different individuals with a diverse range of goals. Learn More About Andru

Ben Soto

Ben Soto has over 10 years experience as a personal trainer. He ran the fitness center for Potawatomi Hotel & Casino for 8 years creating personalized fitness programming, creating wellness programs and initiatives, and running group classes for over 2000 employees.  Learn More About Ben

Damani Coleman

Damani is the co-founder of Tri Fit MKE and a very valuable addition to the Fit Pro Team. Damani is a very passionate individual when it comes to fitness because he has come to realize that not only does fitness help build a person’s body and self-confidence, for some it can save their life. Damani started his fitness journey in 2007. He spent a lot of his time working out with different gym experts and this is where he found his overall passion. Learn More About Damani

Troy Brooks

Troy Brooks is CEO of Brooks Balance 7 LLC. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin LaCross where he was also a 2x NCAA National Champion in Track & Field. Competing on a high level has given him great attention to detail to people around him. Learn More About Troy

Jenna Derby

Jenna Derby is a full time ACE certified Personal Trainer and the proud head trainer of the new Fit Pro MKE gym in the Milwaukee River Center. She started out training the elderly and moved to CrossFit and now enjoys helping people of all different fitness levels. She is also TRX and TRX RIP bar trained

Jenna’s philosophy is that she will meet anyone where they are currently at, and work up from there.

Learn More About Jenna

Laquita Brooks

LaQuita Brooks is a certified personal trainer that has over 7 years of group training and 4 years of personal training experience. LaQuita graduated with her Masters in Counseling Education from Winona State University. While pursuing her Masters, she worked as a Track and Field coach. In undergraduate LaQuita competed as a D1 athlete as a triple and long jumper in Track and Field. She has a passion for mental health, physical wellness, empowering others, and youth development. LaQuita enjoys lifting, running, spending time with her family, and traveling. Learn More About Laquita

Tim Sabin

Besides being one of the biggest Milwaukee Bucks fans on the planet, Tim Sabin is also one of the most amazing trainers on the planet. After 6 years of working in corporate sales, Tim became a personal trainer because he realized helping people achieve their fitness goals allows him to wake up full of energy with a smile on his face. He trains group fitness, virtual fitness, and, of course, one on one training. Three words to describe Tim as a trainer would be patient, punctual, and open-minded. He enjoys lifting, running, high intensity interval training, and sports. Learn More About Tim

Jaydin Roquemore

My name is Jaydin Roquemore and I’m from the Milwaukee area. I started my fitness journey at 16 when my mother would bring me with her to the YMCA for her yoga classes. I went to the weight room and started figuring it out, just picking up weights and doing what I learned in my gym class in middle school. I got my first membership at Planet Fitness, and after 2 years of helping my friends and cousin workout with me, a trainer there who was leaving offered me his position as Head trainer. He showed me what he knew with customizing and improvising exercises for everyone’s different needs. Learn More About Jaydin