“I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed” -Michael Jordan


Andru is one of the most driven and results-oriented Pro Trainers in the business. His primary job is to get you to achieve results you never thought possible. He is also the owner and founder of FUEL Fitness.

During his 10+ years as a personal trainer & coach, Andru has worked with a massive number of different individuals with a diverse range of goals. Watching his clients persevere, gain confidence, and ultimately witness them accomplish their goals is what he loves most about being a trainer. Though beginning a routine is never easy, having someone in your corner that believes in you and is willing to push you, makes that journey much easier. Andru has proven time and time again with RESULTS that he is the ultimate cornerman. He will take you to your ultimate self if you allow yourself to succeed.

Having been an athlete his entire life as well as playing multiple sports at the collegiate level, Andru knows what it takes to establish a routine, stick to a reasonable diet and push through limitations. He can relate to his clients as well as create individualized plans to meet their specific needs and wants.

“I would love to be the person in YOUR corner, along for YOUR journey to a better you!” -Andru