Damani is the owner of Body By Damani, LLC and a very valuable addition to the Fitpro team. Damani is a very passionate individual when it comes to fitness because he has come to realize that not only does fitness help build a person’s body and self-confidence, for some it can save their life. Damani started his fitness journey in 2007. He spent a lot of his time working out with different gym experts and this is where he found his overall passion. Damani went through a life-changing experience around 2010. He suffered from an illness known as Blood Thinning.

The doctors told him that he needed to change his diet because of his health issues. If he did not make this change he would be at risk of losing his life. This was a wake-up call for Damani and ever since then, he has wanted to change his journey and the life of others. Just by making a few changes in his lifestyle Damani went from a weight of 180 pounds to 210 of solid muscle gain. He is now hoping to work with like-minded individuals to help build communities around the world. Damani truly walks the walk: he recently placed 5th at the Badger State Bodybuilding Finals!

Specialization: Cardio, AAU Coach, Collegiate basketball player

Favorite Exercises: Strength Training