Jenna Derby




Jenna Derby is a full-time ACE-certified Personal Trainer and the proud head trainer of the new Fit Pro MKE gym in the Milwaukee River Center. She started out training the elderly and moved to CrossFit and now enjoys helping people of all different fitness levels. She is also TRX and TRX RIP bar trained

Jenna’s philosophy is that she will meet anyone where they are currently at, and work up from there. As a child, Jenna had her own struggles with weight which led her to learn and apply everything she could about fitness and nutrition. She understands first hand the struggle people have when it comes to fitness and weight loss.

Jenna has extensive experience in working with the senior population, the young athlete, or the busy professional who wants to be their best self for their family. Whether it’s functional training, elements of CrossFit, free weights, or combat training, Jenna creates the best workouts to motivate and take people to their next level of fitness and wellness.