Nick Holtzman




Since 2007, Nick has been the driving force behind Fitness Professionals, Milwaukee’s top Personal Training company. Additionally, he acquired the Fit Pro MKE gym in August 2018. Through his dedication, he has significantly impacted the lives of many, transforming their health and fitness. His efforts have led hundreds towards achieving their health goals, showcasing his commitment to fitness and well-being.

Nick’s philosophy centers on the power of consistent, effective workouts to enhance ALL life aspects. He has seen his clients, some trained for over a decade, achieve varied successes – from major weight loss to professional triumphs, thanks to their commitment to fitness. Nick, known for his motivational skills, believes with the right program and dedication, everyone can attain remarkable results through hard work.

Nick draws equal inspiration from his clients, creating a shared MOTIVATIONAL environment. This client-driven motivation significantly contributes to his career achievements. As a committed husband and father of three, his family’s support propels his daily excellence in the gym.

Nick credits his early workout experiences for his confidence and strength during his formative years. He’s grateful for the opportunity to similarly inspire and empower thousands. Under the guidance of industry experts, Nick is passionately committed to advancing Fit Pro to greater success. He would be honored to welcome you among those who have thrived through EFFECTIVE health and fitness practices.