Fit Pro MKE is very proud to introduce Redeem Supreme Boxing to our gym! Led by coaches Zeke Cosme and Jay Bernal, we now have a world class Boxing program to add to the best Personal Training gym in Milwaukee.  RSB brings the finest in Boxing training to both youth and adults alike. If you are looking to compete and become world class, or if you are just using the sweet science to improve your cardio and skill development in self defense, this is the perfect program for you. Please contact Coach Zeke and Coach Jay to find out what is best for you or your child!

Coach Jay Bernal

I’m Coach Jay of Redeem Supreme Boxing.  I first fell in love with the sport of Boxing when I started watching Julio Cesar Chavez, Roy Jones Jr., Mike Tyson, and Oscar De La Hoya, to name a few, at a young age.  I love the competition and the will to win that the sport brings out in a person. 

I love the sweet science of Boxing. I was a coach in many other sports, from Football to Tae Kwon Do.  I became a Boxing coach because of my love for the sport and because of my daughter Nevaeh “Bittersweet”.  I have been her coach since the start of her journey at 8 years old.

I’m very passionate about the sport and about coaching. My goal is to make my boxers better than yesterday, better than when they walked in that day.  I’m very motivated as a coach; I want to help my boxers achieve their goals. 

The gym that Coach Zeke and I came together and built is one of a kind. In our gym, We are Family. Soon Milwaukee and the rest of the nation will see who we are. 

We are Somebody! We are the Underdogs! We are here to stay! We are Redeem Supreme Boxing.   

Coach Zeke Cosme

My name is Ezequiel Cosme aka “Coach Zeke”, Head Coach of Redeem Supreme Boxing with my Assistant Coach Jay Bernal aka “Coach Jay”. 

Boxing started very early from watching the greats on TV as a kid: Hagler, Duran, Hearns, Chavez, and Macho Camacho.  The art of this beautiful sport always intrigued me. The “Sweet Science of Boxing” they call it but, in my opinion, it is more bitter than sweet! (jk)

It all started with my son. Because my sister signed up my nephew I decided to proceed as well, and my son took an interest in it! So, I asked the local gym coach because I was still learning the ropes if he can take my son to the next level and he answer really knocked the socks off me: “Your son is good but to even become better, you’ve got to coach him, because nobody watches their kid like their own”.

So that advice fueled our journey together- winning shows, losing some, but still receiving medals, trophies, and well-earned boxing belts! I was amazed at what we were accomplishing! Then the big one came: 2021 USA Boxing Nationals and we won it, becoming #1 ranked in the nation!

And that kind of sealed the deal. For me as a legit boxing coach here in my hometown of Milwaukee… after so many years with different Boxing Clubs and helping so many, I’ve decided to finally open my own Boxing Gym and begin a new chapter. To grow and build a Nationals/Junior Olympics/Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves team to compete and leave a legacy!

We started in Waukesha in a little closet gym space to a beautiful roomy space thanks to Fit Pro MKE, and together we are the winning team!

Team RSB- Who Are We- Somebody, Who Are They- Nobody       

Contact Coach Zeke at 414-875-0539 for more info and to sign up!


If strength is your goal, we’ll tailor a program that’s specific to your needs. It’s hard work, but it will be the kind personalized just for YOU!


We don’t settle for second best. Neither should you! We only staff the most highly qualified trainers available.


If losing weight is on the agenda, we’re here to help you get there! We’ll work with you to provide you the guidance and support you need in order to achieve that goal!