Going to California Part 2

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by Nick Holtzmen

“Throw me a line if I reach it in time, I’ll meet you up there where the path run straight and high.”

-Robert Plant, Going to California

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This is the second part of my piece called “Going to California”. In the first writing I expressed my excitement for my trip to Chino Hills to learn from the great Bedros Keuilian and other fitness business giants, Carlo Bernoni and Jeff Sherman. I spoke of my physical and mental preparation for the trip, which included strict clean eating, no missed workouts, and a full night sleep every night.  Now that I have had a couple weeks to look back and reflect, I would like to express how enjoyable the experience was and share with you the top three lessons I learned from it.


My favorite presentation was the very first one, by Bedros. It spoke of Leadership and he stressed the three R’s of Leadership:

  • Resiliency: putting in the sets and reps that will determine your potential to deal with stress.
  • Resourcefulness: making the desired result happen by any means necessary; in other words MAKE IT HAPPEN. Get passionate and polite, but
  • Relentless: this means NEVER STOPPING in your pursuit of what you want.

Bedros is a master speaker, and as he was talking about leadership I envisioned how I can apply these principles in everything that I do, and that even if you are not a business owner but rather a parent or a spouse, leadership skills are something that everyone can and should develop.

Bedros also spoke of the 6 Pillars of Leadership:

  1. Self-Discipline
  2. Vision
  3. Communication
  4. Decisiveness
  5. Emotional Resilience
  6. A High Performing Team

Out of all these important traits, I will speak of Vision as one that really stood out for me. On the topic of getting the most out of your team you must stress the importance of 1) stating your vision for what you want, 2) finding out the vision and goal(s) of your team member, and 3) fitting your vision within your team member’s, and fitting your team member’s vision within yours.

Once you can establish these three steps, the blueprint will create itself. As I was listening to this, I realized how vital this is for my role as a father and a husband as well as a business owner. If you can identify the goal and vision of the people around you, communicate to them your own, and then figure out how you can work together to realize each other’s vision, then you will become a great leader and accomplish everything you set your mind to!


During another of one Bedros’ talks on day 2, he was speaking on how to impact more people by influencing the great people of influence in your community. I mentioned to him that I had gotten the mayor of Milwaukee to attend our Grand Opening back in November, and I had hoped to be able to train him personally but we had lost touch. My question for him was could I salvage that and still become in communication with him? His answer was a resounding yes, and he proceeded to detail a step by step process on how I can become the “Fitness Ambassador of Milwaukee”, sort of like Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Ambassador to Physical Fitness for the president in 1990.

My point of this story is that because Bedros’ mindset was already geared towards thinking BIG he was able to take a previously small idea from myself and detail a plan towards something bigger than I would have imagined.  Not only was it a great idea and plan, but it shifted my mindset on thinking and that no accomplishment is too big for any of us.


One of the first things that Carlo said before the workshop even kicked off was that we would learn so many tools to use to grow your career, business, and life but without implementation of these tools and ideas none of your goals will become accomplished.

One of the many Bruce Lee quotes that I love is “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” This quote perfectly sums this up. By the time the workshop was done two day later, I had 22 pages of notes. Although this was a great thing, it worried me that this information overload would not leave the notebook unless I found a strong strategy to implement them.

I brought up my concern with Bedros. “Bedros” I said, “This is all great and I am super hyped up right now, but my concern is that when I get home and back into the crazy flow of the gym, life and family, the high of this workshop will have left and these great tools will not get put into use.” His response was simple, yet perfect:

  • Extract the Top 5 things you took from the talk that will move the needle the most.
  • Move those 5 things onto a clean sheet of paper.
  • Set deadlines next to each one.
  • Do the hardest one first.

Now that the steps were identified, implementation becomes that much easier.

That is how you will achieve your goals.

It was a fantastic trip, and the beginning of great things to come. At Fit Pro MKE we will impact the lives of 1,000 individuals with an effective and consistent workout routine and strong nutrition. Everyone just needs a plan, a vision, and implementation.

Keep your mind and body strong,


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