My Reflections on Our 1-Year Anniversary at Fit Pro MKE

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A few months have passed since our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration at the gym, and with the passing of the Christmas and New Year holidays, it has given me a chance to reflect with gratitude. The gratitude and blessings I feel with the excellent Fit Pro team we assembled when we first opened the doors here in October 2018, as well as the fun and excitement we have had here our first year has been a dream come true. To be able to call a gym your “home” and to look at your trainer as part of your extended family is something that is almost surreal, yet at Fit Pro it is an everyday reality.

Saturday, November 9 was the day of our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, and it was a special day for many reasons. Of course, it was a special day because it commemorated 1 year at this gym- we are official now! But it gave me a chance to create an event where I could raise awareness and $ towards a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Throughout the day as part of our event we ran 4 events: a Yoga class, 2 Boot Camps, and a kids Boot Camp class- all for charity. The charity we gave to was the Run With Wolfes organization, where all proceeds went to Brain Cancer research. As most of my readers and all our friends and family know, this was a cause that hit home hard. In August of 2019, our brother Dan Holtzman died of brain cancer after being diagnosed in April of 2018. It was a very hard thing to deal with within 2019. We were celebrating the success and empowerment of Fit Pro MKE and all its wonderful trainers and clients, but at the same time, my brother Dan was fighting the fight of his life, against an enemy stronger than King Kong.

When you feel as helpless as our family did in the face of what my brother was dealing with, it is very easy to throw your hands up to the sky. But with tragedy, it gives you a chance to see if there is any chance of you making a difference with your actions. So for that one afternoon in November where most folks are running errands, relaxing, or carting their kids off to whatever sporting event they are in, I was very blessed to be able to be at our gym seeing all the excellent souls giving their everything physically and mentally and contributing to a great cause.  Huge thanks to our wonderful client John Devine for putting me in touch with Jerry Wolfe and the wonderful Run With Wolfes organization (www.RunWithWolfes.org), who gave me a platform to make a difference,

Our trainers were so awesome: Myra was leading the first group through a Gentle Flow Yoga class that relaxed and empowered them; Elias was taking his crew through a strength series and a 2 min Burpee challenge that was won by a 70-year-old superhuman; Jay took the group through an excellent stretching and strengthening program using the PVC pipes; Frenchy was, of course, working the heavy bags; Damani took it to the turf and worked the core and total body; and let’s not forget about Andru, who got the very best of his group through his belief that we all have something better in us- sometimes you just need an angel on Earth to get it out of you. The event was finished off by our amazing Youth Boot Camp, and Myra and crew pushed our young athletes to become the best versions of themselves. If they can push themselves at this level for one hour, then the sky is the limit on what they can accomplish in their young lives. It was a very inspiring event to witness.

Add to this the great vibes and camaraderie from our visitors as well as our vendors, Happy Animals (www.HappyAnimalsVegan.com), offering delicious and very healthy vegan snacks, and ID Life was on hand with samples of nutritional supplements to give you that natural edge in performance and energy.

 Overall it made for a perfect summary to a productive and empowering year. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate and partake in our charity workouts, to our amazing Fit Pro team who donated their time and skills to make sure our participants had the workout of their lives and to a very worthy cause, to our vendors who gave our visitors healthy and natural tools to be their best selves, and to the Run With Wolfes organization for giving us a worthy cause to donate our time and $ to.

Most of all I want to thank our brother Dan for his time on this Earth. The year was a time of celebration for Fit Pro, but it is with a heavy heart we had to lose you in 2019.

I am excited for 2020; I know it will be a step up from the previous year. Here’s to all of those that strive to be better and to do better than they did in years past. We will continue to make Fit Pro MKE your gym and your domain to a better present and future life.

Happy New Year and to an even stronger 2020!  


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