Meal Prep Program with Brooks Balance 7

Fit Pro MKE is very proud to partner with Fit Pro expert trainer Troy Brooks (Check him out on Facebook and Instagram) to bring you the amazing Brooks Balance 7 Meal Prep Program. Delicious, affordable CLEAN eating that is the perfect missing link to your complete health. No more preparing meals or (worse) making the unhealthy food choices at your local sub place! Everything is right here prepared for you and fresh. For more info and to sample a FREE meal, email Troy at!


Because life is so busy, we all sometimes need outside help in our nutrition and vitamins to make sure our body is receiving everything it needs to reach the high demands of life. When it comes to products that enhance my productivity in family and life, I whole-heartedly recommend ID Life Products. They offer the highest quality of products and I have 100% trust in them to fill in the gaps that my nutrition is not providing.

ID Nutrition Vitamin Packs