Our Grand Opening Was a Success!

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The weekend of November 9 was dedicated to the celebration of the Grand Opening of our wonderful gym. Our objective was to have a fun and festive environment where friends, family, and strangers could come together, socialize and talk fitness. Well now that I have had some time to reflect, I am overcome with gratitude and excitement as we plan for 2019 with Fit Pro MKE.

The weekend had many highlights, but here are some of my favorites:

  • VISIT FROM MAYOR TOM BARRETT: The thought of the mayor of Milwaukee coming to visit our gym on a cold Friday evening seemed like a shot in the dark, but I had an ace up my sleeve. Our kids go to the same elementary school that his kids went to. So when I reached out to his office by email, of course, I mentioned in the first paragraph that our kids went to the same school. I was happy to hear that the plan worked; Mayor Barrett even admitted that got him over to our gym at 6 in the evening! It was great because the mayor proved to be a very personable and friendly man. We talked fitness, the great city of Milwaukee, and he participated in our official ribbon cutting. This also gave me a rare chance to thank our awesome Fitness Team for everything they have done over the years!
  • SPECIAL SPACES CHARITY BOOT CAMP: As fun as Friday evening was, I was most excited for Saturday because I knew that our Charity Boot Camp was scheduled for noon, and that would bring the best out of our Fit Pro team. I am happy to report that I was proven right 100x over! Belinda Dorn of Special Spaces of Milwaukee (http://specialspaces.org/wisconsin-chapters/) came by with camera in hand to document the entire event, and what she captured was a full hour of energy, camaraderie, hard work, and many smiles. Even though they worked their tails off, we all had a great time! Our awesome team of Frenchy, Andru, Damani, Jay, and myself each led 10-minute circuits throughout the gym and took our participants through kickboxing, strength, cardio, and core exercises that had every muscle group fully woke. Myra then brought it all home with a full body stretch session and sent everyone home with one of the best workouts of their life! With participants ranging in ages from 8 to 50+, it was truly a success and raised $ to a wonderful cause. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • SUNDAY YOGA/BOOT CAMP COMBO: After the festivities of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning was dedicated to showcasing our Fit Pro ladies and their game-changing classes they are bringing to Fit Pro. Myra started off with a Gentle Flow Yoga class in our (literally) brand new fitness studio and fully packed it in; Frenchy followed it up with her Ultimate Boot Camp! Both brought sweat, maximum effort and plenty of laughs and good energy. To say it was a success is a big understatement!

Those were three highlights, but really the entire weekend was a highlight. I got to reconnect with old and new friends, clients, strangers, and family as we celebrated a new beginning for Fit Pro. This gym and the team we built has surpassed my expectations, and I am far beyond excited for 2019!

So I give a HUGE thanks to everyone who participated to make this weekend a giant success: David Feerick from Advocare for providing nutritional samples to aid them in their workouts, Jessica Bell of Halovino for providing us with her unbreakable wine glasses for our Friday evening Fit Vine socializing, Kristin DiFranco of FreshFin Poke for donating Acai bowls that people absolutely loved, the generous souls of Stella, Packing House, and Doc’s Commerce Smokehouse Restaurants for their donations for our grand prizes, and to my sister Yvette and sister in law Dolly and their families for greeting the visitors with their smiles and a glass of wine. Most of all, I want to send a GIANT thanks to the Fit Pro team of trainers: Andru, Damani, Frenchy, Jay, and Myra for making the weekend the success it was. Their presence alone makes this gym the awesome environment it is. And last, but not least, I want to thank everyone who showed up and took time out of their busy weekend to pay us a visit. I also want to thank those that could not make it but were there in spirit. You guys make us what we are.  Thank you so much!

So here’s to a successful Grand Opening weekend, and to an even more successful future to our gym and our team: we will continue to make Fit Pro MKE an environment where you can become your best self through fitness and exercise. We will continue to grow and make our gym Downtown Milwaukee’s premier exclusive Personal Training studio. It will continue to be a place where you will never feel lost or unmotivated. OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR SUCCESS! We are not one of those gyms where your absence contributes to our growth; we want you in our gym; growing, working out and becoming your best self. Our mission remains strong following our Grand Opening weekend. A consistent and effective workout routine will make you a better person in everything you do, and Fit Pro MKE is committed to providing you with the BEST gym and the BEST Fit Pro team to become your best self. We hope to see you here soon!!

Thanks, on behalf of Fit Pro MKE

Nick Holtzman

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