Troy Brooks is CEO of Brooks Balance 7 LLC. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin LaCross where he was also a 2x NCAA National Champion in Track & Field. Competing on a high level has given him great attention to detail to people around him.

He has a great understanding for human differences and likes to connect with his clients interpersonal. He can work with anyone and make a positive connection. His energy is very high an consistent with his workload which is multifaceted.

Troy is also co-owner of Real Estate Investment Group (CDTD MultiHome Investments LLC) and has his own record label (Different Kinda Records®️). He has also successfully competed within the National Physique Committee becoming a National Qualifier in his first ever show.

To Troy, wellness is life. Not just the physical aspect, but mental and spiritual components. Troy takes great pride in assisting individuals and groups along their wellness journey. He believes that everyone has limitless potential and enjoys tapping into it with you.

“Wellness is my intuition and for that I am blessed.” -NO CEILINGS

“After training with Troy for several months, I can already tell I’m the healthiest, fastest, and strongest I’ve ever been. I would recommend him to anyone!” –Kelly C