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Our Mission


Our Story.
Our Mission.

Our mission at Fit Pro MKE is to transform and empower the lives of 250 350 individuals in the downtown Milwaukee area through an EFFECTIVE and STRUCTURED workout routine. This is an exciting time for Milwaukee, and we will play our role in helping grow this great city. Our mission is to provide its most committed residents and professionals with the foundation and tools to look and feel better than they ever have, and to improve every aspect of their life.


We are unbreakable in our belief that a consistent, effective, and strong workout routine will enhance every aspect of your life. It will make you a better professional, parent, and/or spouse. We have the right location, the right equipment, the right tools, and the right Fitness Professionals for you. If you get your workout in before, during or after work and make it consistent, you will witness EVERY part of your life improve – we guarantee!


Fit Pro MKE was created to provide our top-notch staff of Fitness Professionals with the best facility to bring their life-changing workouts and programs to their clients. Every aspect of this gym was designed with these workouts in mind. Since 2003 we have provided the BEST Fitness Services in the city, and with Fit Pro MKE we are able to take this to a new level. Our workout programs are structured to maximize your fat-burning and increase your strength, conditioning, and overall health and wellness. With this facility, we have the tools and the equipment to reach and exceed your goals in the most effective way possible!


Fit Pro MKE is not a chain gym with a wall of 50 treadmills or an enormous health club with pools and basketball courts. We recognize the importance of these facilities in our community, and we are not interested in competing with them. We are proud to remain an exclusive fitness gym for our committed clients and members and will remain loyal to them. Our gym and team of Fit Pros will remain the highest quality in the city for a convenient and maximum fitness experience- we would love to have you be a part of it!

Strength Training

If strength is your goal, we’ll tailor a program that’s specific to your needs. It’s hard work, but it will be the kind personalized just for YOU!

The Best Trainers

We don’t settle for second best. Neither should you! We only staff the most highly qualified trainers available.

Weight Loss

If losing weight is on the agenda, we’re here to help you get there! We’ll work with you to provide you the guidance and support you need in order to achieve that goal!