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Going to California Part 2

This is the second part of my piece called “Going to California”. In the first writing I expressed my excitement for my trip to Chino Hills to learn from the great Bedros Keuilian and other fitness business giants, Carlo Bernoni and Jeff Sherman. I spoke of my physical and mental preparation for the trip, which included strict clean eating, no missed workouts, and a full night sleep every night.  Now that I have had a couple weeks to look back and reflect, I would like to express how enjoyable the experience was and share with you the top three lessons I learned from it.

Going to California

I titled this writing “Going to California” after the great Led Zeppelin song, and even though Robert Plant’s lyrics about his pilgrimage to the West is for reasons of heartbreak and love, on April 16 I’m setting my destination for Chino Hills, California for different reasons, although rooted in my love for self, family, and the Fit Pro community.On April 17 and 18 I will be attending the Fitness Business Automation Workshop in Chino Hills, California…

Our Grand Opening Was a Success!

The weekend of November 9 was dedicated to the celebration of the Grand Opening of our wonderful gym. Our objective was to have a fun and festive environment where friends, family, and strangers could come together, socialize and talk fitness. Well now that I have had some time to reflect, I am overcome with gratitude and excitement as we plan for 2019 with Fit Pro MKE.

The weekend had many highlights, but here are some of my favorites: